You could dash in to Poundland for a box of 50, but why not add some sentiment with Find Me A Gift's Christmas cards? You and Leslie from Accounts have known each other for years now, in fact you started at the same time, so it's only fair to wish her and her ever-troubled family a happy Regards Jessie Jones Find Me A Gift Because giving feels good.. Yes, you've heard it all from Suitcase Accessories her sister running away with the window cleaner and her step mum becoming a manthe stories are endless!

Why not add a little personalised festive cheer with the Slut, Junkie, Lesbian, Man card? With a picture of four retro-styled women on the front, this card is a funny way to wish anyone a Happy Christmas! Slightly different from snow-covered trees and red-breasted robins, the image of four smiling women known as 'slut, junkie, lesbian, man' is enough to make poor old Leslie ease off on the life story! But at least Leslie can now have a laugh! With special offers and free shipping on orders over 100 (UK only) this online store has everything from cheap novelty items to luxury So now you've found the perfect card for 'life story Leslie' what about 'Promotion Phil'?

He's always at the front of the line at even the faintest sniff of a pay rise, even if he hasn't got the skills! The first to run to the boss, keen to feed you to the senior sharks and always clearing out the lunch trolley; isn't it about time you gave Phil a little something back to show how much you appreciate him? If you're stuck for a Christmas card for Phil this year, the 'No, you look more gay' card is perfect. It's only the beginning of November and your colleagues are going crazy over who's buying what for 'Secret Santa' and all you can think about is the free booze at the Christmas party!

Well, that's a start I guess. What do you mean you don't have to get him one? You do want a bonus this year, right? Make sure your Christmas card stands out from the colleague crowd and make the 'top dog' laugh with the 'Work  I'm a bit bored' card! Exactly what it says on the tin, this card features a miniature cartoon of an employee standing at their boss's desk. The speech bubble from his mouth reads, "I think I'll go home, I'm a bit bored".co.CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR YOUR WORK COLLEAGUES AT FIND ME A GIFT So, there's tinsel in your office and a mini tree on your desk welcome to office festivity overload. With a comical image of two men dressed in only tight shorts, Trolley Cart boots and armed forces caps this card will certainly cause a chuckle. Take a step back, remember it's the thought that counts and dedicate yourself to actually buying some cards for your colleagues this Christmas. You never know, Phil might even learn that it's okay to be friends with the people you work with after all they do send hilarious Christmas cards! Now all you have left to worry about is the Boss's card.