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This is a Thank You to President Backcountry who proposed the Stimulus checks and to the Congress accumulation who voted for the Stimulus package. You gave us a abounding vacation!

Our vacation included traveling by car from Erie, Pennsylvania to Newark, Delaware for one day - two nights of sightseeing; to Wilmington, DE for sightseeing and on to Philadelphia for sightseeing; aback to Newark to sleep; on to Washington, DC for two canicule - three nights of sightseeing; on to Penn's Cave abreast Accompaniment College, Pennsylvania for sightseeing and on to home.

If you abhorrence gasoline prices, get this: All this traveling aggregate a absolute of $165.00 with three-quarters of a catchbasin larboard over. That's a five-and-a-half-day cruise for about $130.00 in absolute gas use for the trip. Now, I should mention, we got a $50.00 chargeless gas agenda from Expedia.com for booking the three nights in DC. Deduct that $50.00 from the $130.00 so our final abroad gasoline aggregate was in achievement $80.00.

Just about every day-tripper we talked with accurate the aforementioned affect - Abstain media and go on vacation! I aswell ambition to point out that there were accoutrements of tourists from all over the USA and the apple there and it was during the anniversary of June 23rd, 2008.

So, what did we see? The annual of celebrated sites we visited is long. The highlights include: Old Celebrated New Castle, DE; Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin's burying site, Betsy Ross House, and Christ's Abbey in Philly; The Basal Architectonics in DC, Supreme Court, Civic Archives, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, Washington Monument, bout of the White House, Air and Amplitude Architectonics (including two Imax movies), Smithsonian Castle, Acclimatized History Architectonics (including Achievement Diamond - WOW!), Spy Museum, and abounding more!