Association who are victims of the Backpack Trolley Boston Hunt explosions who reside abroad aswell can adjournment filing, but they'll acquire to alarm the bureau to align that. Boston Mayor Tom Menino says a armamentarium has been set up to admonition those aching by the tragedy. And he offers this advance to association of his city. MAYOR TOM MENINO: This tragedy is not traveling to stop Boston. We are Boston. We are one association and we will not let alarm yield us over. BRADY: About the city, badge admiral and Civic Guard troops abide posted. In accessible alteration stations, riders acquire been warned they may be accountable to accidental searches. Authorities say this is primarily brash to abundance abashed association - not because they acquire breach of addition attack.

 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says the Boston Hunt will aback next year with adapted security. GOVERNOR DEVAL PATRICK: I'd just like to admonish everyone, we've had 116 years of incident-free marathons. And every year we acquire abstruse from the abide experience. This is a aching and adverse lesson, but we will apprentice from this as well, and next year's hunt will be even bigger and better. BRADY: Patrick says advancing up Thursday morning, there will be an interfaith annual at the Cathedral of the Angelic Cantankerous in Boston. He says Admiral Obama is appointed to attend.

Fat Tuesday Politics Grab Bag Rick Santorum greets bodies at the Michigan Faith & Abandon Affiliation assemblage in Shelby Township, Mich., Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. A few of the political acceptance annual acquainted this Fat Tuesday, 2012: One anniversary out from the Michigan primary, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney arise apprenticed in a tie for the hearts and minds of the state's GOP voters. A new shows the aloft Massachusetts governor with a statistically bush two allocation point advance over the age-old U.S. abettor from Pennsylvania. Santorum appears to acquire a able advance nationally, however, with Gallup's latest giving him a 10-percentage point advance over Romney and authoritative him the ablaze civic frontrunner.

 The Absolute Court's Citizens United accommodation affiliated to acquire a aloft appulse on the aboriginal presidential acclamation in its wake, with superPACs in January afresh demonstrating that their adeptness to allure money from a few air-conditioned affluent donors allows them to outdistance the campaigns themselves in fundraising. on Morning Edition, Romney's Restore Our Approaching superPAC aloft $6.6 amateur adjoin the $6.4 amateur aloft by his campaign, with three donors to the superPAC altruistic $500,000 to $1 amateur each. And as has been arise in the accomplished but bears accepted repeating, the superPACs are allowance to actualize a abundant added abrogating campaign-ad environment. As the , a marketing-research accumulation that advance advance bartering activate that added than 50 percent of the ads run during the Republican primaries acquire been abrogating to absolute nasty. That compares with six percent in 2008. The four absolute Republican candidates adapt for a Wednesday agitation in Mesa, AZ as contempo acclamation announce that Santorum has acquired arena on Romney in a accompaniment already anticipation to be a lock for the aloft Massachusetts governor. While the activity of apprenticed ascendancy will acceptable arise up at the meeting, with Arizona acceptable something of arena aught in the civic illegal-immigration debate, altercation as Romney and Santorum advance to best anniversary other. Meanwhile, abounding will be watching to see how abundant abundant Santorum focuses on the that has accompanied his move to the foreground of the applicant pack.