I'm traveling to acquaint you something that maybe you don't apperceive about the Trolley Cart. So at one time, if the Mormon abbey aboriginal began, they would besiege by itself calm just like the Muslim bodies do. And appealing anon anyone would run for a attainable office. Well, afresh they would be chased out of that abode because of the actuality that the bounded bodies were abashed about the adeptness of that Mormon accumulation of people.

 They were chased ablaze aloft the country until they came to Utah. So in a way, I acquire in actuality Trump adage he would ban the Muslims from advancing here. But do you acquire why he says that? Are you a little bit abashed that somebody adeptness airing into your academy breadth your accouchement are because he wants to annihilate anyone who doesn't acquire the aloft way that he does? See and that's the aberration amidst the Mormons that were chased and the Muslims. The Mormons basal to reside peaceably amidst the people. The Muslims ambition to arise actuality and change, abounding of them, what we're doing. If they acquire in the Quran, that's what they ambition to do. And their goal, abounding of them, is to annihilate us.

Now, you say abounding of them, their ambition is to kill. Do you in actuality acquire that, that it's many? Because some acquire said that, you know, there are complete alone cases of agitator Muslims but that to beforehand it's abounding would be, you know, basically, you know, acute adjoin an complete religion. EAGAR: Well, I anticipate that we charge to attending at what's draft in the United States appropriate now. These bombings and shootings that we are seeing, it's these abolitionist Islamists that are advancing in, and they are aggravating to affright us. And it's a plan that has been in abode for 10 years or longer. It's a caliphate. So what I ambition - I adulation these people.

 I acquire a brace that came to us. They batten at our activity acquire Tuesday. GREENE: These are Muslims? EAGAR: Well, I don't know. I don't know. GREENE: OK. EAGAR: But I accustomed them into my home. They are from Iran. They are allegedly Muslim, but they say that they do not acquire in it. But they were actuality in my home at my meeting, so I am not adjoin them. I ambition them vetted. I am adjoin the ones who are extremists and we cannot adjustment them out. GREENE: I saw a few studies that appropriate that the majority of accumulation killings in the United States are agitated out by white men and not by Muslims. Does that - does that put your fears at affluence at all? EAGAR: No because I don't acquire it. GREENE: So do you anticipate this agitation is important, the carnality presidential one? EAGAR: I anticipate it's important, but I don't apperceive that added bodies even affliction about it at all. GREENE: But you'll be watching it. And I'm complete - what are you searching for? What do you achievement to get out of it? EAGAR: I'm acquisitive that Pence will say the things that Trump did not say because he was so abashed about accepting criticized for advancing Hillary.