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The Clover Bang Caricatural affiliation was founded in Los Angeles by ample abstracted Michelle Carr, in 1995, and is one of the a lot of acclaimed avant-garde caricatural shows in the world. It has featured appearances by bedfellow amazon models and awning supervixens Kitten Natividad and Tura Satana, of Russ Meyer fame, and Mamie Van Doren.

This avant-garde caricatural affiliation has been abundantly shaped by best caricatural and the best erotic, and its caricatural dancers accept been an array of avant-garde pinups who run the breadth of all shapes and sizes. It has been empiric that their caricatural striptease, which "puts the aggravate aback in striptease", has added in accustomed with amphitheater than the base table dancing of today.

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I was advantageous abundant to accept appeared briefly on date in a bright vignette during the 2001 Clover Bang actualization at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, and it is one of my fondest memories. In a nod to the Irving Klaw/Bettie Page films of the 1950's, castigation in actuality was cutting best lingerie and accepting a admirable "John Willie" actualization active while draped over the lap of Lucha VaVoom architect Liz Fairbairn.

Founder Michelle Carr appear an amazing coffee table book in 2008 of this abundant celebrated caricatural troupe. These avant-garde caricatural girls, these altered beauties, are today's avant-garde amazon models, in this column feminist accolade to best burlesque.