This bag offers compartments that you can never find else brand besides Dakine. It's exterior pockets also allows you to keep all your important documents without giving you trouble to relock your safety padlocks. Choosing the right color of handbag to match with clothes of the day is totally time consuming. Ever wonder how to look stylish, chic, and at the same time in need the handiness of a bag where you can just stuff your things and go? Check out backpack ranges by Dakine backpacks. With its pack compartment, Black Cargo would never make you look bulky as you are carrying the heaviest burden on earth. With its seam sealed wetsuit pocket, you can put all your wet and dirty gear. Dakine is simple, convenient, and never put off you style with it steady behind your bag. Yes, you can still maintain your feminine looks even though you are carrying Dakine backpacks wherever you go. Specially designed for rough tough girls, it also features a dual strap for you to carry your skateboard anywhere you go! Not just that, tough girls also need to maintain their cute hot looks.

With Dakine, no more stress to choose which bag to match with your outfit. If you are looking for a black backpack which will never goes wrong with any color that you wear, consider Dakine Black Cargo. The stowable padded shoulder straps will promise to cushion you.Women always have the tendency to be in dilemma when it comes to choose between style and convenience. If people always have 180 degrees head turn when a stewardess walk and strolling their trolley bag, they will turn 360 degrees just to see you drag the Spit Roller. What else could you ask for besides its cute yet hip shape and pattern? Frequent travelers also have the chance to be Suitcase Trolley hip and style from top-to-toe-to-luggage bags. Its elegant black brings out the mysterious in you and boosts the curiosity of people who look at you from behind. The undeniably durable Dakine Split Roller bag is suitable for overnight stays and has ample storage space for you to put everything that you need when you are away. So, stiffness will definitely say goodbye. You can just grab and go without having to transfer your stuffs from your other bags. Not to mention the moment you have to transfer all your stuffs from one handbag to another.

The checkered pattern is the trademark and it could transform you to be an eye magnet! You definitely capture Suitcase Wheels a lot of attention when you walk straight ahead without noticing guys glancing at you more that twice! Dakine Hana also features pocket for you to slipped in your shades and it has 2 zippered pockets for you to stuff your things in Skater girls out there will surely love this! The Point by Dakine can offer you the most convenience that you can ever imagine. Split Roller also features a retractable handle and durable high quality wheels where you can tango along the walkways gracefully. Therefore, Dakine Point comes with special pockets to put your shades! For feminine yet girlish type of personality, Dakine Hana will definitely be the perfect choice. View more Luggage and Backpacks from Like.