They offer the valuable and rare service of customization. The custom requests range from a custom powder coat colour to custom configuration. Their customized products not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Their new facility provides with a range of computer controlled machines. They very smartly evaluate needs, develop strategies and provide solutions for that. The service provided is excellent. From expert design till the prevention and correction of the product, each aspect is handled with great care.

The company looks after all the needs right from consultation, advising and till the installation of it.  They cater to all your needs thus making you free. The Backpack Trolley can even be powder coated to match your logo or just to fulfill your interest.  They are even easy to maintain and clean. They are perfect in trolley design and leave no stone unturned to bring perfection in their work.

Samir Ray, aged 38 years, is a top executive with an Indian multinational firm based out of Poona in the West of India. It’s a lovely city with great weather and gentle people. Seen as a retirement community for decades for people from across India, it is now buzzing with young life. Young Indians from all walks of life have made Poona their home. Be it in Information Technology, education, automobile industry or Manufacturing, Poona is now becoming a commercial hub attracting young talent from all over. Samir in his new job which involves a lot of travel to meet prospective clients to sign up for his company as clients in the high end credit card business is always on the move.

He frequently travels out of Poona to cities such as neighbouring Mumbai, Cultural Calcutta or National Capital New Delhi. Half of the month he is notching up air miles whether on day trips or small business trips. His valuable aid in these travels is the laptop trolley bag he was gifted by his girl friend a few months ago. Suffering from back problems due to a sudden sedentary lifestyle for hours on end meant he is not able to lift the lap top for too long and on journeys etc. The laptop trolley bag has freed Samir from the burden and his health issues are now on the back burner, albeit visits to the physiotherapist on a regular basis to strengthen the same. Thousands of working executives in India are turning to laptop trolley bags and bag packs to carry their mobile offices where ever they go; whether in the same city or on business trips in the six continents.