Backpack Trolley Time: Can A Backpack Trolley Revive Clammy Sales? Assorted atom options attainable at atom bar. The restaurant encourages experimentation, allotment of the company's activity to claiming the apperception of atom as accepting abandoned a breakfast food. To Sandra Di Capua, atom is a Proustian affair. "I adulation Proust, and I adulation Proustian moments and memories," says Di Capua, citation the French biographer whose aftertaste of a madeleine abundantly beatific him on a adventure of memory. "The contentment that I see here, it goes aback to if I had Froot Loops as a kid and watched Saturday morning cartoons." "Here" is K, a new atom bar whose aperture over the July Fourth weekend, in New York's Times Square, was overseen by Di Capua and restaurateur . With this attenuated store, outfitted in stark, farm-chic accents, Kellogg's is acquisitive to tap into diners' built-in homesickness for atom — and admonition accord some new snap, acceptance and pop to a clammy business.

 So far, the abundance has been a media darling, with aliment writers camping in its apprenticed seating, slurping atom and anecdotic the acceleration and abatement — and maybe acceleration again? — of the breakfast staple. The abstraction for the abundance was hatched in 2014, if atom behemothic Kellogg's partnered with — buyer of New York-based bakery and a adjudicator on the television actualization — for a pop-up restaurant in New York's chic Chelsea neighborhood. Tosi's gourmet crop on atom was simple — topped with berries, brindled with herbs like thyme and excellent — but unexpected, and it led to the accustomed store, for which Tosi brash the menu. Cereal, oddly, is the ideal architecture for experimentation, Di Capua says. "You're application a artefact that's complete familiar, but we're blame the boundaries of it," she says, acquainted that the archetypal milk-and-cereal admixture is not what the abundance serves. In fact, she says the bar encourages agrarian assay and combinations of ingredients.

Atom sales, however, accept been abbreviate of adventurous, billowing for in actuality some time now. Atom sales and accept been steadily crumbling since, according to consulting abutting Lux Research. This is acknowledgment in allotment to alteration diets and lifestyles. No best is bathetic atom heralded as "part of a advantageous breakfast," as abounding ads acclimated to suggest. Grains are about nixed in carbohydrate-free and gluten-free diets, amoroso has become universally frowned upon, and Americans are bubbler beneath milk than before. And afresh there's morning routines that accept fabricated breakfast accept like a affluence — The New York Times abundantly abhorrent as one acumen why atom sales are slumping. Andy Shripka, accessory business administrator for Kellogg's, is able-bodied acquainted of the doughy accompaniment of the atom market, but he thinks that the industry is accomplished for reinvention. "Cornflakes accept remained abundantly banausic aback the backward 1800s," he notes. "We ambition bodies to see it in a new light." Afterwards barter adjustment at Kellogg's NYC, they are handed a buzzer that corresponds to a bulk on a aperture brash to attending like a kitchen cabinet. Abaft the door, a amber agenda bag awaits with a basin of atom and an individual-sized alembic of milk.

 He credibility not just to Kellogg's alms of sundaes at its New York City-limits store, but aswell to the accustomed all-day breakfast abstraction that has accustomed to be berserk acknowledged for McDonald's. If the attainable wants to eat Egg McMuffins all day long, why not bowls of Apple Jacks? Or bigger yet, Apple Jacks with a atom of almond adulate and broiled cranberries? Endure December, Kellogg's went so far as to actualize a , which broke chefs like Tosi to reimagine cereal, bond it with hasty — oftentimes agreeable — flavors like nori seaweed, amber and poached eggs. The abstraction was to claiming the acumen of atom as carefully morning fare. In fact, Kellogg's November broker affair with CEO John Bryant alms his own crop on a atom meal, "The Kickin' Crunch:" Adapted K swirled with yogurt and avocado, brindled with cayenne pepper. The New York City-limits storefront is allotment of Kellogg's all-embracing activity to adapt cereal's image, by auspicious experimentation. The a lot of accustomed basin so far has been Cornflakes topped with pistachio, sprigs of thyme and auto zest.