Any beaming accoutrement that uses LEDpanellight best than 24" or that is acclimated outdoors or in a damp, wet, or high-humidity breadth accept to accept an electrical arena for the accoutrement and ballast. All rapid-start and instant-start beaming accessories accept to accept an electrical arena in adjustment to accomplish properly. Accessories with best lamps accomplish at college voltages, with some accessories accepting starting voltages beyond the LEDpanellight as top as 950 VAC. Voltages at this akin represent a able shock hazard and breach ashore accessories or absolute acquaintance with electrical connectors or added base can aftereffect in astringent abrasion or death.

When application beaming accessories and LEDpanellight, electrical adeptness to the absolute accoutrement should be disconnected. This is not consistently activated in situations breadth a ample bulk of accessories are controlled from the aforementioned adeptness ascendancy (such as in attainable appointment areas). In these cases, careful gloves and a nonmetallic ladder should be acclimated if the accessories accept to be serviced if adeptness is present. This admonition aswell applies if retrofitting a beaming accoutrement to arise LED tube lights.